Team Adcor

professional UAV services in Germany since 2015
Multispectral crop analysis using Micasense sensors to ensure you get fast and accurate results.
Carefully planned UAV based survey-grade mapping flown by qualified pilots.
Providing reliable data from the air and ground to monitor
your project's infrastucture and everyday operations.
Stunning 360 panoramas, aerial photography and 5k video.

Aerial images
& Video
360 virtual & BIM
team adcor


We fly DJI Matrice 300 RTK & M200 series drones...
Phantom 4pro, Mavic Air 2S
Payloads include: DJI P1 45mp, Zenmuse X4s / X5s 20mp, Sony 24mp, Micasense-MX MSP sensors, XT Infrared sensors (640 * 512) and Topodrone Ultra 200 lidar sensor.
For large agricultural inspections please ask us about our fixed wing solutions!!!

360, 3D models

3D and 360 mapping

From below and above, using Lidar and Photogrammetry technology we can scan whatever is important to your company.
Today's latest technologies provide excellent solutions for businesses when it comes to BIM and VR.
Survey grade 3d mapping with the help of a Velodyne Ultra200 lidar sensor! We guarantee excellent results!

multispectral photogrammetry

Teaming up with experts in forestry and agriculture

Exciting news...Team Adcor has made a new partnership with Agisense (Poland) to provide highly accurate vegetation analysis of forests and farms in Europe!


BIM is here

AEC assisted by AI algorhythms and UAV technology



We can advise your company during the planning stages of any project that needs aerial imaging



We will provide the service (or services) that fit your specific needs in a cost efficient and swift manner.  Data can be available within minutes/hours of the job's completion. There is also the possibility of live streaming for some operations. 


Follow up

Our team is always available and ready to plan any further operations to ensure that your data is exactly what you want and what you paid for... satisfaction guaranteed.


In 2015 I founded Team Adcor near Hamburg, Germany. Since that time I've flown in many challenging environments such as military airports, industrial sites, busy ports and highways. Flying a quadcopter alone is okay, but honestly I'd rather work in a team as it can provide much better and safer operations. I'm a proud member of the Bundesverband Copter Piloten e.V. (BVCP) here in Germany. Originally from Canada, I lived for many years in France before moving to Germany.
Flying is a passion and I always look forward to new and exciting projects that come my way!


Douglas "Raphael" Cornwell

Drone Pilot

Airdata UAV|Drone Safety Verified Badge

The best way to keep an eye on your assets!!!

Bringing your BIM projects to life from all angles. With our surveyor partners we guarantee certifiable results.
3D and thermal solutions are available through our friends at Spotscale.

Eye in the sky - interactive 360 degree images (click and zoom!)

See the progess of your construction site, farm or forest on a regular basis


Himmelreich 17
21789   Wingst


Phone: +49 1719956489
Skype: raphael.cornwell