Team Adcor

professional UAV services in Germany since 2015
Quadcopters, VTOL fixed-wing drones and customised gyrocopters. 
Carefully planned survey-grade mapping & industrial inspection UAV flights
solar parks, pipelines, infrastucture and asset management.
photogrammetry and 3D mapping using the latest M300 series drone and Lidar payloads.

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Intergeo 2021 - Hannover Germany

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Aerial images
& Video
360 virtual & BIM
free web creation software
team adcor


We fly DJI Matrice 300 & 200 series drones...
Phantom 4pro and RTK, Mavic Pro and Air series, Inspire 1 & 2...
Payloads include: Zenmuse X4s / X5s 20mp, Sony 24mp, Altum MSP sensors, XT Infrared sensors (640 * 512) and R2A Lidar equipment.
Fixed-wing drones and a specially fitted gyrocopter available upon reservation.

360, 3D models

3D and 360 mapping

From below and above, using Lidar and Photogrammetry technology we can scan whatever is important to your company.
Today's latest technologies provide excellent solutions for businesses when it comes to BIM and VR.
Talking about new...we're very excited about the new R2A Lidar equipment from Rock Robotic!!!

Industrial photogrammetry

The bigger the better

Today we live in a 4 dimensional world that is being constantly transformed.Team Adcor provides excellent coverage of your project from all angles, no matter how big or small.

BIM is here

Building, renovation and innovation



We can advise your company during the planning stages of any project that needs aerial imaging



We will provide the service (or services) that fit your specific needs in a cost efficient and swift manner.  Data can be available within minutes/hours of the job's completion. There is also the possibility of live streaming for some operations. 


Follow up

Our team is always available and ready to plan any further operations to ensure that your data is exactly what you want and what you paid for... satisfaction guaranteed.


I'm at your service to plan, execute and follow-up on all drone based operations for your various commercial or industrial projects in Germany and around Europe. Since 2015 I have been flying drones mainly in Germany. Between 2018 - 2020 I executed drone inspection flights of the tall shipping cranes in the port of Hamburg as well as participated in DJI projects. 2021 Looks very promising with many new solar panel projects on the horizon, and no matter what happens, myself or another pilot will be available for your projects too!


Douglas "Raphael" Cornwell

Drone Pilot

Airdata UAV|Drone Safety Verified Badge

The sky is never the limit

Bring your BIM projects to life from all angles.  Visit our partner's site to get a good idea of the many

If you need interiors, floor plans, building models and VR tours of a site or property, please ask us for a demo!

360 Aerial photography. . . check this out!


Himmelreich 17
21789   Wingst


Phone: +49 1719956489
Skype: raphael.cornwell

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